Is It Too Early To Put Up My Christmas Tree?

Christmas Tree

“Is it too early to put my Christmas tree up?”

No! It’s better to be over prepared than under prepared- AND during the most stressful time of year especially when you own a business!

This months blog post is going to be a little bit festive and fun and personal. For you to understand I’m going to take you back to last weekend. Where my son decided to stumble upon his Elf on the Shelf, which means in his head…the Elf on the Shelf has now appeared (much to our dismay)!

But…then I can’t help but think- why the hell not?

Let’s get into the festive cheer early this year and get the decorations out too!

So…it’s early November. The Christmas decorations are up the elf on the shelf is in full swing full of mischievous joy and our exhaustive ideas, but guess what? The kids LOVE IT!

And it frees me up being that bit further ahead in being prepared for the Christmas period. Which always proves to be the most busy time for many clients I work with. Ensuring not only that their online Black Friday and Christmas goes effortlessly well, but their websites remain fully operational over the often very stressful and busy Christmas / New Year stand down period.

So I think the real question isn’t “is it too early to put my Christmas tree up?”  but “is your website ready for 2023’s Good Friday, Christmas and New Year period?” and could you be doing something now to prepare for it?

Meanwhile…you could put the tree up and have a think about that!

And as always let me know if I can help you with any of your websites needs over this festive period…I mean EARLY festive period, lol.

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