Spreading Your Brand’s Content

Diversifying Your Brands Content,Message, and Online Presence

Are You Diversifying Your Brands Content, Message, and Online Presence?

Did you know platforms (such as Instagram) basically own all your hard work and content you’ve posted to their platform? Not only that, but they can take your profile page from you any minute they wish!

In today’s digital landscape many creators have leveraged the power of Instagram. Especially creators who emerged during the post lockdown period – those that have transformed their passions into a flourishing business!

Does this sound like you?

Maybe you’re relying solely on Instagram to host and showcase all your valuable content, branding, sales funnels, lead magnets, edited content videos…the list goes on, doesn’t it? 

I can’t help but notice the inherent risks your online presence will face. Especially if you leave your content in the hands of a huge corporation like Meta.

Don't End Up Losing Your Content!

Plenty of business owners have woken in the morning, opened up ‘Insta’ only to be greeted with a message stating their account is suspended or deleted.

That’s the possibility of it all! Your account could get hacked, closed, suspended, or disabled leaving you with the daunting reality – you don’t truly own your hard work showcased on Instagram – the platform does.

Let’s face it though if you are pushing your creative business ideas and content through Instagram – it’s essential for you to realise the need to spread your content and engagement across various platforms!

This will serve to safeguard your work and content whilst mitigating the risks associated with being solely reliant on one single platform for your engagement.

Your Saving Grace Is Owning Your Own Website

Owning a website is the best way to safeguard your content and creativity as YOU will own it!

Owning a website is the best way to safeguard your content and creativity by ensuring you OWN it! . By using a blog or a news section on your website that will run alongside your Instagram profile you’ll own all of your content, so don’t worry- the hours of hard work and creativity on Canva designs haven’t gone to waste! 

Take Back Control Of your Content!

Owning a website enables you to twist the dynamic of platforms such as Facebook. 

Enabling you to post blogs and share your own content such as videos or website pages filled with informative and creative content. All without dreading you’ll break a rule if you discuss certain hot topics such as healthcare or politics!

Having your own website can be game changing for your online presence and future customers. As it reverses the role of platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn have. By sharing your new website news, business updates and content via Facebook and LinkedIn. Resulting in your posts and blogs on your website getting in front of potential clients or customers. Your followers can also share your website blogs, resulting in more engagement to your website!

How I can help You!

If you’re looking for a web designer who can deliver high-quality results on time and on budget, I’d be happy to help you achieve your online goals. Contact me today to learn more about my services and how I can help you take your online presence to the next level.

I design and build websites that are:

  • Are aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Good customer journey
  • Designed with your customers/clients in mind. 
  • Clear visible ways for the client/customer to engage with.
  • Focuses on the goal of your business.
  • Discoverable on Google.
  • Responsive! Fast page loading speeds.
  • Optimised for desktops, mobile phones and tablets.
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